facebook ads generate high touch engagements


222,000 ad impressions from Facebook ads


Generated 1,122 clicks—or visits—to the landing pages


Reached 81,669 people and served them an average of 2.71 ad impressions


Drove 138 download conversions


Quest Diagnostics is an American clinical laboratory and Fortune 500 company, operating over 8,600 laboratories in the U.S. alone. Quest Diagnostics came to DML with a request for help in their mission to empower people to take actions to improve their health outcomes.



For this particular project, Quest wanted to educate parents about STIs and encourage them to talk with their children about screening. The objective was to get people to download a Quest Diagnostics STI Trends Report and track the number of downloads in a target market. The ultimate goal was acquisition-focused on generating downlaods of a PDF report. Secondary goals were focused on generating engagements — clicks or visits to our landing pages.


We had two main campaigns, targeted to young women & engaged mothers. Each campaign had corresponding landing pages that repeated the image & message from the respective ad. We used two platforms: Facebook and Google Ads to drive interested traffic to the LP to download a PDF report. We targeted two markets: Kansas City & Austin.

We used Facebook’s display-based advertising across both its platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and the FB audience network. Ad formats differ for desktop and mobile devices, and targeting can differ from Google in that FB has a captive audience and insight to all users. Like Google, FB can target by geo, demographic, household income, interests—but it additionally has access to employment, affiliations, lifetime events, education, relationships, etc.